What is Plexus Block and what can it do for you?

Plexus Block does just what you think it would, it blocks starches and sugars from converting to glucose in the body.  It promotes healthy blood sugar levels and contributes to an enhanced state of overall wellness. Block slows the absorption of starch and sugar for healthy glucose levels and can help to reduce starch and sugar from converting to glucose in the body by up to 48%.

There are several people who are already experiencing results from Plexus Block. This product compliments some of the other products Plexus offers. Some of the features and benefits include:

  • Helps reduce glycemic index of ingested foods
  • Beneficially modulates starch and table sugar digestion/absorption
  • Inhibits enzymes that convert starches to glucose
  • Slows conversion of glucose to fat
  • Promotes healthy weight control

Key Ingredients:

InSea2® Brown Seaweed blend: This proven ingredient blend features two species of brown seaweed, and is the only ingredient available today that provides a dual mechanism of action against digestive enzymes. It has been shown to inhibit alpha-amylase (like white kidney bean extract) and alpha-glucosidase, the enzyme that converts table sugar to glucose. This dual action is further protection against unhealthy blood-glucose levels, and further weight gain.

Fortunately for you, the harmful effects of sugar can help to be prevented with a new product for those who find it difficult to avoid sugar in other forms such as starches from simple carbohydrates which include potatoes, white bread, processed cereals, pasta, white rice, soda, and other bakery products such as pastries, cookies, cakes, and pies.

Plexus Block is capable of inhibiting the absorption and digestion by the body of sugar and starches – which are converted into sugar – by 48%. This it does by reducing the glycemic indices of foods which are consumed. It also slows down glucose conversion to fat to promote weight control in a healthy way.

Is Plexus Block the best sugar blocker on the market today?

How does it block sugar absorption? The answer is in its blend of two brown seaweed species known as the InSea2® Brown Seaweed, the only ingredients available to date that can provide dual action against digestive enzymes by inhibiting alpha-glucosidase which converts sugar into glucose and alpha-amylase. This mechanism also protects against increase in blood sugar levels.

There are some favorable reviews from satisfied customers who have lost weight, had their blood sugar levels maintained, gained more energy and stamina, achieved appetite suppression, and, generally, felt better and revitalized.

For most people (myself included) what usually helps to get me over the hump of giving a product a chance is seeing what it has done for other people. Sugar is a serious problem in the United States today, you might go so far as to say it is an epidemic.

People really have no idea just how damaging it can be to the body to ingest too much of it on a consistent basis. So naturally one of the best ways to combat this problem is to stop the absorption of it.

This product should be taken 30 minutes before your biggest meal of the day, at a minimum. It is recommended to use it before the 2 largest meals of the day.

Here are a few examples of the results people are seeing with Plexus Block.

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